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Seismic Prospector

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textPlace, activate with explosives(8 Dynamite, 1 Glyceryl, 4 TNT or 2 ITNT), use Data Stick
Blast resistance10

The Seismic Prospector is a machine added by GregTech 5 Unofficial, which is used to get information about ores and oil sources below it. It has no user interface and is used by right-clicking explosives and a data stick onto it. The data stick is then used to print a book containing the Prospecting Results.



The Seismic Prospector will scan a 5x5 block area extending down to bedrock. It will also scan the invisible oil source that may be harvested using an Oil Drilling Rig.

First, place the Prospector in the area to be scanned. Right-click it with one of the following explosives in hand:

The Prospector will animate and begin working. After 10 seconds it will stop animating, at which point a Data Stick may be right-clicked onto it. The Data Stick will be changed to "Raw Prospection Data". The Raw Data must be further processed to obtain the book of Prospection Data. Insert the Raw Prospection Data into a Scanner to process the data and obtain a Data Stick named "Analyzed Prospection Data".

Total: 32000 EU
Usage: 32 EU/t
Voltage: 32 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 50 secs

The Analyzed Data may then be used with a Printer to create Printed Pages. Insert the Data along with three sheets of Paper and 144L of Squid Ink to produce Printed Pages.

Total: 800 EU
Usage: 2 EU/t
Voltage: 2 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 20 secs

The Printed Pages can finally be bound into a book using an Assembling Machine with one leather and 20L of liquid glue to make a printed Prospection Data book.

Total: 256 EU
Usage: 8 EU/t
Voltage: 8 EU
Amperage: 1
Time: 1.6 secs

The book's author is set to the coordinates where the Prospector was run. The book will contain information about all ores found within the 5x5 area around and below the Seismic Prospector, and will also include the type and amount of the oil source in that chunk if any. It will list any normal GregTech ores and any ores added by other mods, but will not list GregTech Small Ores.