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Segment Display

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesIntegration

The Segment Display is a redstone circuit added by Project Red since version 4.5.9. It functions as a digital display for signals in Bundled Cables (see Usage). Since version "4.6.2", the color of the Segment Display can be changed freely with dyes.

If the mod MineChem is installed, then you can decompose the Segment Display with the Chemical Decomposer into specific chemical compounds of MineChem.



Picture 1: The Segment Display from "Project Red" in the modes SSD (left) and SISD (right) with segment-numbers.

The Segement Display has only one input for Bundled Cables and Colored Bundled Cables.

The gate has two different display modes, the SSD (seven-segment display) mode and the SISD (sixteen-segment display) mode, which can be switched by using the screwdriver from Project Red by holding the crouch-key. Without the crouch-key the orientation of the gate can be changed freely in all four directions.

In both modes the gate shows means glowing segments the corresponding active channels (color) in the connected Bundled Cable. The following table and the numbers in the picture shows which segment corresponds to which channel (color).

Color White Orange Magenta Light Blue Yellow Lime Pink Grey Light Grey Cyan Purple Blue Brown Green Red Black
SSD (number) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
SISD (number) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Interaction with ComputerCraft/OpenComputers

Furthermore there is a compatibility to ComputerCraft and OpenComputers to easily display specific characters on the Segment Display in SISD mode.

The 16 bars on the SISD-Segment Display allow 216 (65536) combination options. With the computers, player can send a self-chosen combination via Bundled Cable to the display, which then displays this combination. Furthermore, a generated redstone signal from the cable can be read and the corresponding number can be found.

The following table shows the combination numbers of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numbers:

Character Combination number Character Combination number Character Combination number Character Combination number
0 17663 A 35023 K 38080 U 252
1 12 B 10815 L 240 V 17600
2 34935 C 243 M 1484 W 20684
3 34879 D 8767 N 4556 X 21760
4 34956 E 35059 O 255 Y 43140
5 37043 F 35011 P 35015 Z 17459
6 35067 G 2299 Q 4351
7 15 H 35020 R 39111
8 35071 I 8755 S 35003
9 35007 J 124 T 8707

Example with ComputerCraft

Picture 2: Interaction between the Segment Display of Project Red and an Advanced Computer of ComputerCraft with Bundled I/O peripheral (grey block).

An example is displayed on the picture 2 on the right. In this picture is shown an interaction between the Segment Display and an Advanced Computer of ComputerCraft. The interface between the computer and the Bundled Cable allows the Bundled I/O peripheral (grey block) of FirePeripherals. Note the Bundled I/O is no longer needed, because ComputersCraft can interact directly with Bundled Cables (see Without Bundled I/O).

With Bundled I/O

The following command wraps the Bundled I/O (which is on the left side of the computer) to the computer:

bundledio = peripheral.wrap("left")

Now the player can send a combination number about the wrapped Bundled I/O to the Segment Display. In this example, the number "35023" is sent with the following command, which produces the letter "A" on the Segment Display.


Without Bundled I/O

Without Bundled I/O and direct interaction between Computer and Bundled Cable use following command to transmit a combination:

redstone.setBundledOutput("side", number)

For example:

redstone.setBundledOutput("left", 35023)