Seat Back

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Seat Back

Bibliocraft Seats in various textures
Bibliocraft Seats with Seat Backs

The Seat Back is an item added by BiblioCraft. It must be used in conjunction with a Seat. To use the Seat Back, simply right-click the item onto the Seat. Seats and Seat Backs may be crafted from any of the six Minecraft woods and may be used in any combination (e.g. a Spruce Seat with an Acacia Seat Back). Players can sit in the chair by right-clicking and "dismount" with Left-Shift.

In addition to the different wood textures, Seat Backs can be crafted in five different styles: a Wingback, a full back with headrest, an open-framed mid-height back, a full-height back and a low back. These are illustrated on the sidebar.