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This page is about the Sea Lantern from Dazzle. For other uses, see Sea Lantern.
Sea Lantern

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance0
Technical details
Registry namedazzle:[color]_lantern_digital_lamp
Unlocalized nametile.dazzle.[color]_lantern_digital_lamp

The Sea Lantern is a set of blocks added by Dazzle. When powered by a redstone signal, it emits light at value 15. They can be inverted by using a Redstone Torch on the block, which will cause it to emit light at value 15 unless powered by a redstone signal.

They break instantly regardless of the tool used to break them.

They are stylistically similar to vanilla Minecraft's Sea Lanterns.

All 16 Sea Lanterns turned on at nighttime.

All 16 Sea Lanterns turned off at daytime.