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This page is about the mod created by Eladkay. For other uses, see Scanner.
Current developersEladkay
Version1.12.2: 1.6.12
1.12: 1.6.6
1.11.2: 1.3.3c-beta
1.10.2: 1.5.2
1.9.4: 1.3.2

Scanner is a mod created by Eladkay by request from Darkosto for the SkyFactory 3 pack. It adds various blocks and items used to build terrain and explore it in a void world. The main foci of the mod are the Terrain Scanner and the various tiers of the Biome Scanner. It also adds various addon blocks to support those machines. Scanner does not add any recipes of its own to allow for modpack creators to balance it as they please; it is recommended for those authors to add their own recipes for the Scanners. The various machines of the mod take Redstone Flux power.

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