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本文介绍的是开放式方块 (OpenBlocks) 的脚手架 (Scaffolding)。关于其他用法,请参见Scaffolding.



Intended to provide players with an inexpensive means of accessing hard-to-reach locations, Scaffolding is constructed from only sticks and is easily and quickly broken and collected without tools. Additionally, the block will self-break after a period of time, thus providing a means to reach high places without leaving a 'nerd pole'.

Note: Unlike scaffolding blocks from other mods, OpenBlocks Scaffolding does not function as a ladder, nor are there any row/column placement shortcuts. These blocks must be placed like any other minecraft block.

Self-Decay Testing

While the rate of scaffold decay can be adjusted in the config, in testing, it was hard to clearly determine how long individual scaffold blocks would remain before breaking.

  • A single block, placed on the ground, not connected to any other scaffold blocks, broke after ~40 seconds.
  • Horizontal rows of 2 or 3 scaffold blocks, each lasted over 3 minutes without any breakage.
  • A vertical column of 2 sometimes had the lower block break after 10 seconds, but other times lasted several minutes.
  • A vertical column of 3 had the bottom-most block break after about 3 minutes, then the top block at 4 minutes, leaving the middle block still floating after 5 minutes.

Caution is advised when using these blocks.



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