Sawmill (Thermal Expansion 4)

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This page is about the Sawmill added by Thermal Expansion 4. For other uses, see Sawmill.

ModThermal Expansion 4
TypeSolid block
RF use20 RF/t

The Sawmill is a machine added by Thermal Expansion 4. It is used as a more efficient method of obtaining planks from wood, yielding 6 planks instead of the standard 4 planks in the crafting table recipe. It can also deconstruct many wooden objects into planks. Each face can be configured to automatically input and output items to tubes or other TE4 machines.



Sawing a log will give one Sawdust as a byproduct in the lower output cell. Sawing other items may result in other byproducts (for instance, sawing a Bed will produce 3 Oak Wood Planks and 3 Wool).