Saturating Tobacco Pile

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Saturating Tobacco Pile

ModThaumic Bases
TC4 Aspects



The Saturating Tobacco Pile is an item added by Thaumic Bases. When smoked with a Greatwood Smoking Pipe, it provides some saturation as well as Nausea for 10 seconds.


This recipe is shapeless.

Thaumonomicon entry

You have found a way to stop hunger starvation. Smoking the tobacco with the addition of seeds and some primal aspects tricks the mind into thinking, [sic] that the body has already feasted. As you can guess it is pretty dangerous, since the body is not recieving [sic] food, but if things get too tough this may help you last for a while. It, however, can have some negatives on your body, so you might want to be carefull [sic].
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