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This page is about the Satchel added by Thermal Expansion 5. For other uses, see Satchel.

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The Satchels are a group of items added by Thermal Expansion 5. They are used to store items.



The Satchels function like a portable storage. Higher tier Satchels have more storage capacity. The Satchel (Creative) can provide an unlimited amount of the same item, and the Satchel (Void) will delete any item put in it.

Right-clicking the Satchel on a container deposits the Satchel's contents into the container.

Using the "Cycle Item Mode" key (V by default) while holding the item toggles Auto-collect mode. When Auto-collect mode is enabled, all items picked up by the player are automatically put in the Satchel. If there is more than one Satchel in the player's inventory, the ones in the hotbar will be prioritized first, followed by those in the first row, second row, then third row of the player's inventory. Satchels on the left are prioritized over the ones on the right. Shift + right clicking the Satchel opens the filter GUI, where the player can designate which items are automatically put into the satchel when picked up. Higher-tier Satchels have more slots to filter.

The Satchels can be secured by crafting it with the Signalum Security Lock (except the Satchel (Void) and the Satchel (Creative)).

The Satchels can be dyed by crafting it with a dye (except the Satchel (Void) and the Satchel (Creative)). Dyed Satchels can be crafted back into the original color.


The Satchel comes in 5 tiers, including an extra Creative tier which is not craftable or obtainable through normal gameplay. Higher tiers have increased storage capacity and filter slots.

Tier Number of slots Number of filter slots
Basic 9 3
Hardened 18 6
Reinforced 27 9
Signalum 36 12
Resnonant 45 15
Void N/A 15

The storage capacity can be increased further with the Holding enchantment. Each level of Holding increases the Satchel's maximum storage by 9 slots. The maximum possible storage capacity can be achieved using a Resonant capacitor enchanted with Holding IV, with a maximum capacity of 81 slots.

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