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Restored Hunger
Technical details
Ore dictionary namecropSaltwort

The Saltwort is a food and crop added by Salty Mod. It can be found around Salt lakes and either eaten for a short burst of Regeneration or planted on Saline Soil to grow more.

It can be planted on Dirt, Saline Soil or Slightly Saline Soil and grows in 5 stages. If planted on Dirt it will not be able to grow past its second stage. If planted on Saline Soil, once it has reached its second stage it needs to deplete its soil in order to go to the next stage. Saline Soil is depleted into Slightly Saline Soil, which can be depleted up to 2 more times (meaning Saline Soil is enough to fully grow a single Saltwort).

If harvested at its first or second growth stage, it only drops 1 Saltwort. It drops 1-2 Saltwort if harvested at its third stage, 1-3 at its fourth and 2-5 at its last stage.