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{{Infobox ore
|name= Saltpeter
|ore=Saltpeter Ore
|oretext=by [[Railcraft]]
|biomes=Desert-like biomes
|ore={{RI|Saltpeter Ore (Stone)|GT}}{{RI|Saltpeter Ore (Red Granite)|GT}}{{RI|Saltpeter Ore (Black Granite)|GT}}{{RI|Saltpeter Ore (Netherrack)|GT}}{{RI|Saltpeter Ore (Endstone)|GT}}{{RI|Saltpeter Ore|RC}}
|mod= [[Railcraft]]
|smallore={{RI|Small Saltpeter Ore (Stone)|GT}}{{RI|Small Saltpeter Ore (Red Granite)|GT}}{{RI|Small Saltpeter Ore (Black Granite)|GT}}{{RI|Small Saltpeter Ore (Netherrack)|GT}}{{RI|Small Saltpeter Ore (Endstone)|GT}}
|level=around 60
|dust={{RI|Saltpeter Dust|GT}}{{RI|Saltpeter|RC}}
|melt = No
|smalldust={{RI|Small Pile of Saltpeter Dust|GT}}
|otherstext = {{Grid|Sulfur Cell}}
|dust = Saltpeter
|tinydust={{RI|Tiny Pile of Saltpeter Dust|GT}}
|impuredust={{RI|Impure Pile of Saltpeter Dust|GT}}
|dusttext = Dust
|crushedore={{RI|Crushed Saltpeter Ore|GT}}
|puredust={{RI|Purified Pile of Saltpeter Dust|GT}}
|pureore={{RI|Purified Saltpeter Ore|GT}}
|centrifugedore={{RI|Centrifuged Saltpeter Ore|GT}}
|others={{RI|Crate of Saltpeter Dust|GT}}

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Small Ore


Small Dust
Tiny Dust
Crushed Ore
Impure Dust
Purified Ore
Purified Dust
Centrifuged Ore
This page is about Railcraft Saltpeter. For other uses, see Saltpeter.

Saltpeter is a material from the Railcraft mod. It is found just below the surface in hot, dry biomes. It is found in large clusters, and usually has one or two blocks visible from the surface. Saltpeter is interesting in that it will respawn over time, if there is a Saltpeter Ore Spawner somewhere below it, and if there is at least 3 layers of sand above it. Saltpeter Ore Spawners look identical to Bedrock.