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Salt Crystals

ModSalty Mod
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance0
Technical details
Ore dictionary nameblockSaltCrystal

The Salt Crystals are a block added by Salty Mod. They rarely generate underground or they can be grown on Blocks Of Salt.

When harvested without Silk Touch, they drop a Pinch of Salt. If a Slime or Witch touches a Salt Crystal, the Crystal breaks and the mob takes 30 (Heart.svg × 15) damage. Hitting one of these mobs with an harvested Salt Crystal has the same effect, but will also drop Escargots if a Slime was hit this way.


Salt Crystals can be grown by placing blocks in the following 3x2x3 configuration:

When the middle Block Of Salt is at a light level of less than 15, a Salt Crystal will randomly grow on it. The Crystal has to go through 2 intermediate stages before being harvestable.