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Sacrifice is a Ritual added by Roots. When performed, it will inflict 60 damage to the nearest mob (usually killing it) that isn't a player and drop a random plant.

Potential drops


Each Sacrifice Ritual requires a Flint, an Iron Sword and a Bone to be placed on the Casting Altar, and one Blaze Powder and one Dark Oak Bark to be burned in the Incense Brazier. The Ritual requires Attuned Standing Stones to be placed around it.

Runic Tablet entry

You are simply fed up with going on long adventures searching for specific plants to complete your spells. With this ritual, you have developed a sinister solution. When this ritual finishes its particle light show, it will instantly kill a mob placed near it. In exchange, a random plant may be dropped from the altar. The source of these drops remains unknown to you...
Runic Tablet


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