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This page is about the Russian Minecraft Wiki. For this wiki's Russian section, see FTB Wiki/ru.

The Russian Minecraft Wiki (, originally is a wiki dedicated to documenting Minecraft, including modded Minecraft. It is the largest Russian modded Minecraft wiki (and largest Russian Minecraft wiki) and it is hosted by Gamepedia.


On September 8th, 2010, the Russian Minecraft Wiki was founded by, a Russian Minecraft community[1]. On February 28th, 2011, it became part of Official Minecraft Wiki[2][3], along with the French and Polish Minecraft Wikis. On September 20th, 2013, the Minecraft Wikis, owned by Curse, Inc., came together under Gamepedia, becoming part of Gamepedia's original 18[4] wikis.

When it was founded, the Russian Minecraft Wiki used their own translations as there were no official Minecraft translations. Despite Minecraft gaining an official community-based translation, the wiki continues to use their own translations due to its belief that the in-game translations are of low-quality, with unfavorable regulations by Mojang only implemented for copyright and marketing purposes[5]. Very large debates have surfaced in translating certain terms, such as the word for "Blaze"[6], "Enderman"[7], "Wither"[8] and "Shulker"[9], each with over 100,000 bytes of discussion.

Content and community

The Russian Minecraft Wiki mainly focuses on the documentation of vanilla Minecraft, but it also has a large modded Minecraft section with around 200 mods documented[10]. Mostly notably, it includes a large section on GregTech and IndustrialCraft 2 (found here and here), which is comparable in size to the Official Feed The Beast Wiki's sections. It also includes large sections (at least 100 articles) on Applied Energistics 2, Custom NPCs, Divine RPG‎, Ender IO, Forestry‎, Galacticraft, OpenComputers‎, Railcraft‎, RedPower 2, TerraFirmaCraft‎, Thaumcraft and Twilight Forest.

Due to the significant amount of modded documentation, the Russian Minecraft Wiki is the largest Minecraft Wiki per article count (although it is not the largest per edit count or per number of active users; the English Minecraft Wiki trumps it by a significant amount)[11][12]. Most contributors are from Russia, though some are from other countries, such as Kazakhstan[13].

The community mainly uses talk pages and more recently Discord for communication. It has an IRC channel, but it has largely been abandoned in favor of the Discord. The move to Discord was inspired by the Official Feed The Beast Wiki's similar move[14], although the FTB Wiki still uses their IRC channel.

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