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Ruby Slippers

Tooltip textThere's no place like home.
Teleport using a waystone (1 min cooldown)
Teleport to bed (30 min cooldown)
Armor rating1 (Half Armor.svg)

The Ruby Slippers are an armor piece added by Witchery. It is worn in the boots slot and provides 1 (Half Armor.svg) armor point. These cannot be dyed. A player must be infused and have sufficient infusion power to use the special features of these boots. Once per 30 minutes, a player can use /chant there's no place like home, and they will be teleported to their spawn point. This will cost 40% of the maximum infusion power, or 60% if the teleportation is cross-dimensional. It can also be used with a bound Waystone, by throwing it on the ground and using the command, which will teleport them to the location of the Waystones binding. This costs 20% of the infusion power. This will consume the Waystone.



  • The Ruby Slippers and the required chant are a reference to the film version of L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz.