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Routing Table

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The Routing Table is a tool from the Railcraft mod. This tool is used to define a set of rules for any machines that use it, such as a Detector - Routing. It can be named by using the Name option, though it isn't a conventionally useful feature. The Help option should be read to understand the syntax used in the Routing Table.


If the name of the Routing Table is identical between two tables, then they can be duplicated with the following recipe. This can make using the same complex syntax multiple times very simple.


Open the Routing Table GUI to begin defining certain rules for the machines. There are certain things that must be used for the Routing Table to be understood by the machines.

  • The Dest= condition: If Dest=null, or there is no Dest, it will only match carts that do not have a set destination.
  • The Owner=' condition: Owner=<username> can be used to make it only match if the locomotive belongs to the player with that username.
  • The Name= condition: It will make it so machines will only match if the name of the minecart is the string entered after the equals sign in this condition.
  • The Color= condition: Primary and secondary colors are used with this condition, where the primary is first, and the secondary is second, with a command and no spaces in between. It is used for color-based matching within the machines.
  • The NeedsRefuel= condition: It is a boolean, which means it only takes the strings true or false. It is used to divert the locomotive if it needs water or fuel.
  • The Redstone= condition: It is a boolean, like the Needs/Reful condition. It is used to make it be true if the routing machine is being powered by a positive redstone signal.

There are also keywords that can be used to help define the way the machines should function. These keywords include AND, OR, and NOT, which should be self-explanatory.

Only one keyword or condition can be used per line.