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Routed Junction pipe

ModProject Red
TypeSolid block
Required modulesTransportation

The Routed Junction pipe is a block added by Project Red. It has two different applications: "Junction" and "signal extension" (see Usage). The pipe is required to craft the Routed Crafting pipe, the Routed Extension pipe, the Routed Firewall pipe, the Routed Interface pipe and the Routed Request pipe.

If MineChem is installed, the Routed Junction pipe can be decomposed with the Chemical Decomposer into different chemical compounds of MineChem.



The Routed Junction pipe connects with all other pipes from Project Red as well as with Chests and machines. If more than one chest or machine is next to the pipe, than only one of these chests/machines is actively connected to the pipe (shown in picture 1). The active connected chest or machine can be changed by sneak right-clicking on the pipe with a Screwdriver.


Players may place Routed Junction pipes at the junctions of Item Transport pipes, though it is not required. An example with Routed Junction pipes is shown in picture 2. The difference between a junction using Item Transport pipes and a junction using a Routed Junction pipe is the effectiveness in transporting items:

  • At a junction with a normal Item Transport pipe, an incoming item will have an equal chance of being randomly transported through any output pipes. For example, a Stone block from a chest with Routed Interface pipe and Item Extractor chip should be transported to the chest for stone blocks. At a junction with an Item Transport pipe, the stone block will be transported to a randomly selected pipe line, for example to the chests for wood blocks. In this case the item will return to the end of the line and will continue going through the junction over and over until it reaches its proper destination.
  • At a junction with a Routed Junction pipe (shown in picture 2 in area 3) the item is sent immediately on the correct pipe line because it is able to communicate with the other pipes and chips in the pipe system.

Signal extension

Every pipe from Project Red (except the Item Transport pipe) communicates with one another in the transport system. These pipe signals have a maximum range of 49 blocks.

For example a Routed Interface pipe with an Item Extractor chip takes items from a Chest and puts them into the transport system. It will communicate with all pipes within 49 blocks of itself. Pipes out of this range do not interact with each other. To extend the signal range, place Routed Junction pipes in the middle of these lines.