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Rotatable Blocks
Modicon Rotatable Blocks
Current developersAlgorithmX2
Version1.7.10: 9
1.7.2: 9
1.6.4: 4
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4-1.7.10
Unstable 1.7.2

Rotatable Blocks is a mod by AlgorithmX2, creator of Applied Energistics and Applied Energistics 2. This mod allows players to rotate most full opaque blocks, and adds 24 total orientations. The Rotatable Blocks mod only allows for full opaque cube blocks, which cannot have tile entities to be rotated. Wrenches from many mods are supported, such as the BuildCraft Wrench, and the Applied Energistics Quartz Wrench, and other tools that support the Forge Rotation API. It also adds its own Wooden Wrench, which can be enabled in the configuration file, for people who do not use the various technological mods that add wrenches.

This mod was originally made for AlgorithmX2 and BevoLJ, so that they could pull an April Fools prank. There was not originally a plan to release the mod, but AlgorithmX2 held a poll on whether people want him to release it or not. The majority of people wanted him to release it.



ModRotatable Blocks

The Wooden Wrench is a tool from the Rotatable Blocks mod. This tool is used to rotate fully opaque cube blocks that do not have tile entities. It must be enabled in the configuration file to actually exist in-game. This is due to other mods adding tools of similar functionality, using the Forge Rotation API. This tool is in the mod simply for those who do not have a mod with the needed tool installed. Simply use it on a block to rotate it.


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