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This page is about IndustrialCraft 2 Classic's Rotary Macerator. For Immibis's or AtomicStryker's version, see Rotary Macerator.
Rotary Macerator

ModIndustrialCraft 2 Classic
Previous tier
Max EU input128 EU/t
EU useIdle: 1 EU/t
Working: 16 EU/t
EU storage10000 EU

The Rotary Macerator is a machine from IndustrialCraft 2 Classic. It is an upgraded version of the Macerator that uses the 'heat-up' mechanic of the Induction Furnace.



The Rotary Macerator consumes EU to convert Ores and other items into Dusts. It functions as an ore doubling system, producing two Dusts per Ore block. It accepts up to 128EU/t, but only consumes up to 16EU/t when active.

Like the Induction Furnace, the Rotary Macerator must spin up before it can be used efficiently. A Rotary Macerator takes 10,000 ticks (8 minutes 20 seconds) to reach full speed. The Macerator will gain speed when it is actively grinding items, or when it is fed a Redstone signal, and it will lose speed when neither of these are present. Speed is lost at 4x the rate it can be gained. A 0% speed Macerator requires 4000 ticks to process an item, however a 100% speed Macerator requires 12 ticks to process an item. While a Rotary Macerator is spinning up (with no items to grind), it consumes 1 EU/t. However, once an item is inserted, its energy consumption increases to 16 EU/t. By these numbers, a heavily overclocked conventional Macerator can operate more quickly than a Rotary Macerator, but will consume enormous amounts of energy to do so.

The Rotary Macerator's GUI contains 1 Input slot, 1 Battery slot, 2 Output slots, and 2 Upgrade slots. It will accept all IC2C upgrade except the Overclocker Upgrade.