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Rotary Condensentrator

Liquid storage10,000 mB
EU use5 EU/t
EU storage2,000 EU
MJ use0.00005 MJ/t
MJ storage0,02 MJ
RF use20 RF/t
RF storage8,000 RF
Tesla use20 T/t
Tesla storage8,000 T

The Rotary Condensentrator is a machine added by Mekanism. Its purpose is to process various liquids into gasses, and vice versa. This machine is a part of the Lithium production process.


The Rotary Condensentrator has two operating modes: Condensentrating, and Decondensentrating. The former turns gasses into liquids, and the latter does the opposite. One side of the machine always accepts fluids, and the other side gasses. The machine supports the Speed Upgrade, Muffling Upgrade and Energy Upgrade when inserted from the upgrade menu.

User interface

The user interface has 10 distinct features.

User interface of the Rotary Condensentrator.png

  • 1: Toggle operation type between condensentrating and decondensentrating.
  • 2: Inventory Gas In and Output. Putting a tank in the + slot will fill it, and in the - slot it will be emptied.
  • 3: Hovering over this button will show how much power is needed to fill the internal storage, as well as how much power is being used. Clicking it will change the unit.
  • 4: Gas tank. This tank shows how full the internal gas tank is. Hovering over it will give the precise amount, and name of the gas.
  • 5: Liquid tank. Does the same as the gas tank, but for liquids.
  • 6: Inventory Fluid in- and output. If put into condensentrating mode, putting an empty container in the top slot will fill it as far as possible. In decondensentrating, putting a full container in the top slot will attempt to empty it, and move it to the bottom slot.
  • 7: Inventory Power in- and output. Putting an energy storage item in this slot will slowly drain it, and provide the machine with power.
  • 8: Upgrade menu. From this menu, upgrades can be viewed, inserted and extracted.
  • 9: Security mode. From this menu, you can decide if only you, or everyone gets to use the machine. Hovering over it shows the owner, and the mode it is set in.
  • 10: Redstone control. This button will decide under which redstone circumstances the machine is allowed to function. The modes are: Ignored, High and Low.



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