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This page is about the Rose's Thorns added by Roots. For other uses, see Rose's Thorns.
Rose's Thorns


Rose's Thorns is a Spell added by Roots. It is created with the base ingredient, a Rose Bush, a Fermented Spider Eye and a Bone. When cast, hit mobs will be inflicted with 9 + 2 * the potency damage (or 4.5 + the potency hearts). Additionally, the hit mob will inflict 2 + the potency damage (or 1 + 0.5 * the potency hearts) to anything that attacks it, like having the Thorns enchantment.


Runic Tablet entry

You have discovered a way to capture the prickliness of a rose bush in your spells. Using the above recipe, you can create a spell capable of dealing significant damage to targets. However, the thorns from this spell will transfer to the target, and the next entity to attack the target of this spell will take damage.
Runic Tablet


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