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This page is about the mod created by elucent and others. For other uses, see Roots.
Modicon Roots.png
Current developersLothrazar
Past developerselucent
Version1.12.2: 3.0.32
1.11.2: 0.025
1.10.2: 0.208
Supported Minecraft versions1.10.2-1.12.2

Roots is a mod created by elucent, Alexismachina, ShadowGamerXY and werty1125, and is currently maintained by Lothrazar. It is described as a "simple magic mod", being smaller than other magic mods such as Blood Magic and Thaumcraft 5. It includes Spells, which can be cast to accomplish various tasks, such as creating an "Earth Spike" and smiting mobs. Similarly, Rituals can be used to accomplish tasks like shifting time and summoning monsters. All of its features are documented in the Runic Tablet.

Roots was discontinued and replaced by Roots 2 in versions past Minecraft 1.10.2, which has similar concepts but is a different mod. However, Roots was ported to Minecraft 1.12 under the name Roots Classic.

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