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The Rogue Android Spawner is a creative mode only block added by Matter Overdrive. It is used to spawn Rogue Androids. It currently lacks a texture.


Despite its missing texture, this block can be used to spawn Rogue Androids, additionally in "legendary" variants. Should one interact with it, they will find a UI. One can find a timer and 5 Transport Flash Drive slots (possibly to specify where they would spawn, untested) on the Home screen.


Going to the side menu, one can configure the RAS, though sadly this seems slightly unfinished.

Spawn amount specifies how many to spawn per cycle, ranging from 0 to 32. (The default is 6.) An unknown, empty field is seen below the Spawn amount, possibly to input a string to specify types or names. Spawn range is used to determine how far or close the Rogue Androids will spawn, to the original block, ranging from 0 to 32. (The default is 4.) Spawn Delay is the delay before spawning another wave of Rogue Androids. By default, it is on 300 (ticks?), or 15 seconds. This can only be incremented up or down 1, and can take a long time to go to greater numbers. Oddly enough, for about a tenth of a second, the timer will be at 0 before resetting and spawning entities. Redstone functions as expected: Low redstone will be on until a signal is applied, High redstone will provide the opposite effect, and Disabled will be on no matter the current state.

Do note that the timer will still tick and reset despite powered/unpowered states, even if it doesn't spawn anything or fails to do so, since it can only spawn entities if blocks allow it to do so, much like the normal Spawner. This means that if one were to use (for example) spikes (e.g. Diamond Spikes (Extra Utilities 2)) in their design for part grinding, they cannot line the floor with said spikes, and expect the spawner to spawn the Rogue Androids on top of said spikes.

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