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Rod of the Shaded Mesa


The Rod of the Shaded Mesa is a rod added by Botania. By using a small amount of Mana from a player-carried Mana Tablet, the Rod of the Shaded Mesa can move and launch mobs and items.

When the right-mouse button is being held down, one of the mobs or items in a 32 block radius near the player's line of sight will be pulled close to the player. Once they get close, items will hover in front of the player, 2 blocks away. Mobs will hover 5 blocks away. Mobs being pulled will have their fall damage reset.

Left-clicking while an entity is being held with the Rod will launch the entity in the direction the player is looking.



  • The sprite, item name, and function of the Rod of the Shaded Mesa is a reference to the Half-Life series of video games, the sprite being the famous Gravity Gun on a stick, as well as sharing its general function of being able to pick up items with right-click, and then launching the held item with left-click. The name of the item is also a reference to the main location of the game Half-Life, the Black Mesa research facility.