Rod of the Plentiful Mantle

Rod of the Plentiful Mantle


The Rod of the Plentiful Mantle is a rod added by Botania. By consuming Mana from a player-carried Mana Tablet, the Rod of the Plentiful Mantle can show nearby ores.

When used, all ores in a 15 block radius around the player will be highlighted for a short time by colored particles visible through walls. Every color shows a single type of ore, but is different on every use. The Rod consumes 3,000 Mana per use.

Wearing a full set of Manaweave Robes will increase the range to 20 blocks and decrease the mana cost by 35%.

When this rod is given to a Livingwood Avatar, ores in an 18 block radius will be revealed, using 3,000 Mana every 10 seconds. The colors will not be changed if the Avatar is not moved.


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