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Rod of the Bifrost


The Rod of the Bifrost is a rod added by Botania. Its article requires Elven Knowledge to be viewed in the Lexica Botania. The Rod of the Bifrost consumes Mana from a player-carried Mana Tablet to create bridges in the direction the player is looking.

To create a bridge, the player must right-click while wielding the Rod of the Bifrost. A bridge of transparent, rainbow, and color changing blocks will appear. When the bridge is created the player will be half-submerged in one of the bridge blocks.

A single bridge can reach as far as 100 blocks and lasts approximately 15 seconds before completely disappearing.

Each time a bridge is created, the Rod of the Bifrost takes roughly 15 seconds to recharge and for the old bridge to disappear—two bridges cannot exist at once. The durability bar shows the current state of recharging the Rod of the Bifrost is at. When the durability bar is full, it can be used again and the durability bar will disappear.

Multiple bridges can be created in creative mode.