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This page is about the Rocket Launcher added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Rocket Launcher.
Rocket Launcher

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power

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Technical details
First appearance0.26.3
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Rocket Launcher
I've created a new weapon for when I need a bit more... bang. The rocket launcher can fire a variety of rocket types, propelling them at high velocity at unsuspecting targets. Holding shift and right clicking will toggle rocket types.
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The Rocket Launcher is a ranged weapon from the Flaxbeard's Steam Power mod. It requires one of the various Rocket types to function. The rockets must be in the player's inventory at time of reloading. To reload, the player must hold down the use key. Once reloaded, it can be fired using the same key. One magazine will hold four rockets. It must be reloaded when a magazine is emptied. Sneaking while pressing the use key will toggle rocket types, and unload the unfired rockets in the current magazine.

The Rocket Launcher can be used to rocket jump, if aimed near the player's feet. Jumping while firing this rocket can help achieve maximum height. Damage from rockets is much less when dealt to the player, to make rocket jumping less dangerous, though the fall damage incurred can be significant.



The Rocket Launcher can be upgraded in the [[[ngineering Table (Flaxbeard's Steam Power)|ngineering Table]]. Upgrades can be installed in the only available upgrade slot. It can be upgraded with a Streamlined Barrel, Extended Magazine, or Air Strike Conversion Kit. Only one upgrade can be used on a rocket launcher at a time.

Upgrade New Rocket Launcher Name Effect

Streamlined Barrel

Streamlined Rocket Launcher
Rockets travel twice as fast.

Extended Magazine

High Capacity Rocket Launcher
Magazine capacity increased by two, increased reload time.

Air Strike Conversion Kit

Air Strike
Fire rate greatly increased while rocket jumping.


Version history
0.263NEW: Added Rocket Launchers
0.265FIX: Added Rocket Launchers to the Recent Creations section of the book.
0.28.0TWEAK: Rocket Launcher block damage is now enabled/disabled based on gamerules.
0.29.0FIX: Greatly improve networking/packet code. We now use the SimpleImpl system rather than an ancient packet sending/handling system. There are 5 fewer packets being sent, so you should see a huge improvement in the client/server bandwidth usage. This also included fixes for potential, but never noticed/reported, bugs involving modifying NBT data on the client instead of the server. The five packets that were removed were the SpacePacket (sent to server every tick that the player was using the jump key), NoSpacePacket (sent to server every tick that the player was not using the jump key), RocketJumpHackyPacket (sent to client every time the player used the rocket launcher and a rocket exploded), ExplodePacket (sent to client never), and GrapplePacket (sent to server every time the player used the Piton Deployer) (#344, #183, PR #350).
FIX: Rocket Launchers can now shoot through the correct blocks, like tall grass (#338).