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This page is about the Rock Smashed added by Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Rock Smasher.
Rock Smasher

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
TypeSolid block
Blast resistance6
Technical details
First appearance0.21.5
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Rock Smasher
I've invented a machine that can smash ore in to smaller bits, sometimes exposing usable material that would otherwise be lost. To use the smashers, I place two opposing each other, one block apart. I can then put a block in the middle to smash. The rock smasher has two modes, smasher and block breaker, that can be toggled with a wrench.
Smasher mode will crush ores, and smash rocks into smaller pebbles.
Block breaker mode will simply break blocks without smashing them.
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The Rock Smasher is a block, and multi-block structure, from the Flaxbeard's Steam Power mod. It is used to process ores into Smashed Ores, and, if Railcraft is installed, Smashed Poor Ore. It can also be used to process cobblestone to gravel to sand, and other generic grinding/pulverizing/macerating recipes. To grind blocks, they must be placed between the two Rock Smasher blocks. Eventually, when supplied with enough steam, they will push their pistons and grind the block. The result will be dropped between the pistons, but as there is a solid block there, may tend to fly around.

The chance that an additional second Smashed Ore will be dropped can be changed in the configuration file, and defaults to one in four.

There are two modes of the Rock Smasher, Block Breaker and Smashing. Block Breaker mode will simply break the block placed between them, without dropping anything new. Smashing mode will smash the materials into processed versions, as described above. The mode can be changed with a Pipe Wrench, by sneak+using the tool on one of the blocks. Only one of the blocks needs to be changed; the other will automatically be changed.

Pipes can be placed on any side of the smasher, and Steam Gauges can be placed on any side except for the piston side.



The construction of the Rock Smasher is very simple. It requires 2 Rock Smasher blocks, which means it needs 6 Iron Ingots or Plates, 6 Brass Ingots or Brass Plates, and 6 Brass Pistons. The two blocks should be placed with the iron side facing inward toward each other, with a single block in between them. Then, the ores can be placed in the empty block between them. When they have enough steam, they will push their pistons forward and destroy the block, dropping the according drop.

Rock Smasher.png


Version history
0.21.5 ADDITION: Rock Smasher
0.22.8BUGFIX: Fixed Rock Smasher not dropping items (Only needed fixing for 1.7.10)
0.23.0BUGFIX: Rock Smasher drops items for non-ore blocks
0.24.0BUGFIX: Rock Smasher no longer destroys bedrock
BUGFIX: Rock Smasher no longer flickers
BUGFIX: Rock Smasher no longer attempts to smash obsidian, water
0.25.0ADDITION: Rock Smasher can be toggled to simply harvest blocks instead of smashing (see pipe wrench)
CHANGE: Default behavior of the Rock Smasher is to smash cobble to gravel, gravel to sand
0.26.5FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed untextured particles on extended Rock Smasher (#92)
0.27.5FIX: (ganymedes01) Fixed Rock Smasher crash bug caused by API things or something (#209, #204, #203, #200)
0.28.1FIX: Blocks that are not expected to be used with the Rock Smasher (for example: a Gold Block) no longer get infinitely deleted on smash. NEI support for Rock Smasher and Steam Heater recipes (#328, #243).
FIX: The Rock Smasher API is actually used now. Actually include the Rock Smasher's NEI GUI. Native MineTweaker integration. You can now add/remove carving table molds, crucible liquids and recipes, rock smasher recipes, and steaming recipes. Please keep in mind that some things may not work as you hope when using /mt reload. Some things cannot change mid-game for FSP, so when modifying the script, if using reload did not work, be sure to restart the game (#386).