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Robot Arm

ModGregTech 5

The Robot Arm is a cover added by GregTech 5. It is also used to craft some of the mod's machines.

It can be attached to GT Blocks with Inventories such as Item Pipes, Machines and Machine blocks.

It imports items between the inventory it is attached to and the inventory it faces. Other than Conveyor Modules it can import from an specific slot. Right-clicking with an empty hand on the upper-left or lower-right area of the cover raises or lowers the slot number by one respectively. Using a Screwdriver raises or lowers the slot number by 16.

The player can switch between the modes of a Conveyor Module using a Screwdriver.

Robot arm modes
Mode Description
Puts out into adjancent slot # This mode will remove items from the machine the arm is placed on and transfer them into the adjacent inventory slot #

(Input into adjancent inventory slot #)

Grabs in for own slot # This mode inputs for the machine's slot #

(Input into machine's inventory slot #)

It can be controlled via Redstone signals by using a Machine Controller attached on the same block.