Rituals (Blood Magic)

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This page is about the Rituals added by Blood Magic. For other uses, see Rituals.

This information pertains to an older version of the mod.

ModBlood Magic

Rituals are a mechanic added by Blood Magic. They are used to create specific effects using specialised blocks. They become available once the player has brought their Blood Altar to Tier 3. Significant advancements come at Tier 4. Each ritual is created by using a Ritual Diviner on a Master Ritual Stone to arrange and mark Blood Runes. In most cases, the Master Ritual Stone can be activated with a Weak Activation Crystal, which will cost the owner a good deal of LP and cause the desired effect.

There are two tiers of the Ritual Diviner; the second tier can create Dusk runes and becomes available at Altar Tier 4. There is also a higher secondary tier of Activation Crystal, which is used for the most powerful rituals of all.

The Ritual Tweaker becomes available at Tier 4 which can change the areas of effect and key locations for most rituals, though within limits.

List of Blood Magic rituals:

There are also some "imperfect" rituals, simple but powerful. These use only an Imperfect Ritual Stone with another block on top of it and are activated with a Weak Activation Crystal: