Ritual of the Green Grove

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Ritual of the Green Grove
ModBlood Magic

The Ritual of the Green Grove is a ritual added by Blood Magic. Once activated, the ritual consumes a small amount of Life Essence (LP) per second and speeds the growth of plants, similar to the OpenBlocks Sprinkler.

Once activated for a cost of 250 LP, the Ritual of the Green Grove will consume 20 LP per second, and will speed the growth of any plants located within two blocks above the ritual. Each second the ritual is active it will apply a single growth tick to plants within range, speeding their growth.

The ritual also has different effects based on the available will in the chunk's aura, as listed below.

Will Type Effect
Raw Increases the speed of all ritual operations, depending on the total Will in the aura
Corrosive Entities within range are attacked by nearby plants, leeching their life away
Destructive Growing range is based on total Will
Vengeful Increases the rate that a growth tick is successful
Steadfast Seeds are replanted, and blocks are hydrated within the Hydration range


Building the Ritual of the Green Grove requires one Master Ritual Stone and eight Ritual Stones to be placed in the below layout.

Ritual of the Green Grove.png

Ritual Tinkerer Information

Grows crops within its area.
Ritual Tinkerer