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Ritual of Unbinding
ModBlood Magic

The Ritual of Unbinding is a ritual added by Blood Magic. The ritual functions as the opposite of the Ritual of Binding and is used to separate the components of Bound armor, such as the Bound Helmet.

Costing 30,000 LP to activate, the Ritual of Unbinding will separate the components of various Bound items. Once activated, tossing the item onto the Master Ritual Stone will cause lighting to strike the outer edges of the ritual and will send the components flying out of the center, awaiting collection by the player. Bound Armor pieces, when put through this ritual, will return the items placed into the Filled Sockets, as well as the sockets themselves. Please note, however, that Bound tools, such as the Bound Pickaxe and Bound Blade cannot be unbound through this ritual.

Ritual of Unbinding.png