Ritual of Gaia

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Ritual of Gaia
Ritual of Gaia isometric.png
TypeMultiblock structure

The Ritual of Gaia is a ritual added by Botania. It is used to summon the Guardian of Gaia, which is the source of Gaia Spirits.

To perform the ritual, a
Beacon and 4
Gaia Pylons are necessary. The exact positions can be previewed in world by using the Lexica Botania's structure preview. The Gaia Pylons must be one block above the beacon block. Despite the preview showing blocks of iron, the beacon does not need a valid beacon base for the ritual. In addition, a circular floor with a radius of 11 blocks around the Beacon must be present.

Once the structure has been built, shift right-clicking a Terrasteel Ingot on the Beacon will summon the Guardian of Gaia. If any part of the arena is missing or obstructed, pink particles will show the offending locations.

Using a Gaia Spirit Ingot instead of a Terrasteel Ingot will summon the harder version of the Guardian for a bigger reward.

If Extra Botany is installed, using a Challenge Ticket will summon the Guardian of Gaia III. Only equipments and other items from vanilla Minecraft and Botania are allowed in this fight.

A bird's eye view of the ritual's setup. For reference, the minimal floor area is marked with planks, and slabs mark the spots below the pylons.