Ritual of Binding

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Ritual of Binding
ModBlood Magic

The Ritual of Binding is a ritual added by Blood Magic. The Ritual of Binding is used to fuse souls with different objects, creating bound versions of those tools, such as the Bound Pickaxe and Bound Blade. A pair of Goggles of Revealing can also be bound to create a Sanguine Helmet should Thaumcraft 4 be installed. Each binding will consume 5,000 LP from the owner's network.

Once a Ritual of Binding has been activated, lightning will strike the Master Ritual Stone and destroy the item to be bound. Lightning will then begin to strike each of the pillars that are lined up around the Master Ritual Stone. Once all pillars have been struck by lightning, the newly bound object will be tossed from the center of the ritual. In order to prevent loss of the newly bound object, it is advised to put out any fires around the center of the ritual.

Initiation of the Ritual

Building the Ritual of Binding requires one Master Ritual Stone and twenty-four Ritual Stones placed in the below layout. It is also possible to craft a Ritual Diviner that can place the stones for you.

Ritual of Binding.png

After all of the Ritual Stones are in place, you will need a Weak Activation Crystal to start the ritual. Make sure you right-click with it in your hand to bind it to yourself. Throw the item you are binding on the Master Ritual Stone and right-click it with the Weak Activation Crystal. Lightning striking the Master Ritual Stone signifies that the ritual has begun!