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This page is about the Ritual Pedestal added by Astral Sorcery. For other uses, see Ritual Pedestal.
Ritual Pedestal

ModAstral Sorcery
TypeSolid block

The Ritual Pedestal is a block added by Astral Sorcery. It is used to affect the area around it with the attuned Rock Crystal or Celestial Crystal. A list of constellations and their given effects is listed below.


The complete structure is 9x2x9 and requires (including the Pedestal):



Ritual effects

Constellation Effect
Aevitas Nearby living entities receive Regeneration,
Plants experience accelerated growth
Armara Hostile mobs and projectiles are repelled away from the Pedestal
Discidia Hostile mobs near the Pedestal take damage over time
Evorsio Breaks solid blocks near the Pedestal
Vicio Entities near the Pedestal receive creative flight
Bootes Nearby animals "shed" their drops as if they were slain
Fornax Nearby blocks become their burnt or smelted counterparts
Horologium Machines experience bonus ticks and work faster
Lucerna Hostile mobs do not spawn around the Pedestal
Mineralis Nearby Stone has a chance of becoming ore blocks
Octans Nearby Water blocks become easier to fish
Pelotrio Entities experience a higher chance of spawning, including hostile mobs

Astral Tome entry

Just as suspected, the attuned crystal already seems almost strong enough to make its effects manifest in the world. To be actually useful a pedestal for it with another rock crystal to help focus enough starlight will need to be constructructed [sic]. After giving it a first try, the rock crystal seems to get cracks like it did in the lightwell. To avoid that, adding some liquid starlight aswell [sic] should work by filling the cracks as they appear.
Astral Tome