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Current developersrivvest
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Magic World 2

Revamp is a mod by rivvest that fixes vanilla Minecraft's entity render distance and mob crowding. Without this mod, from a certain distance, entities will not be seen and crowd into one spot of an area rather than spreading out evenly, including Villagers. Creatures will no longer stare at invisible players.

Villagers can be lured with Emeralds and can be named with a Name Tag. They have been made smarter by enhancing their pathfinding code, allowing them to hear Zombies, preventing them from opening doors for Zombies, and making them better at finding and using doors that they can actually get to. It also makes them able to have twin offspring, require light to enter a house, make homes underground, and will no longer go inside when it rains in a non-raining biome. They can also climb ladders.

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