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This page is about the Retrieval Node (Items) added by Extra Utilities 2. For other uses, see RetrievalNode (Items).
Retrieval Node (Items)

ModExtra Utilities 2
TypeSolid block

The Retrieval Node (Items) is a block added by Extra Utilities 2, and is the "pull" version of the Transfer Node. When attached to an inventory, it will search through Transfer Pipes for another inventory that has items in it. If it finds an empty inventory, or doesn't find an item that it can pull according to its Item Filter rules, it will restart its search.

The Mining Upgrade, Speed Upgrade and Stack Upgrade can also be added to the Transfer Node (Items) to increase its capacities.

Upgrade Effect

Upgrade Mining
No effect.

Upgrade Speed
Increases the Transfer Node's speed.

Upgrade Stack
Increases the Transfer Node's number of items pulled.

Adding upgrades will cause the Transfer Node (Items) to use Grid Power (GP). Different upgrades will use different amounts of GP.


Tips and Tricks

  • Both Transfer Nodes and Retrieval Nodes search through Transfer Pipes slowly, only 1 block per second
  • Transfer Pipes that are marked one way will block a Retrieval Node's search path, regardless if they're painted in the "right way". (Might be a bug)
  • Retrieval Node searches pick a direction at random if they find a pipe junction (where three or more pipes meet)
    • They also don't remember their previous path, so it's very likely they'll go down the same path several consecutive times
  • Retrieval Nodes continuously search the transfer pipes, while Transfer Nodes only search the pipes if there is something in their buffer.
  • Given their relative Expense (1/2 Emerald and 1 Ender Pearls per Retrieval Node) you may be better off using mostly Transfer Nodes in your inventory system

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