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Resplendent Prism

ModAstral Sorcery

The Resplendent Prism is a bauble added by Astral Sorcery. While worn in the Baubles Amulet slot, the level of enchantments on the player's gear will be increased depending on the configuration of the prism. The enchantments to be increased can be viewed by hovering over the item. The enchantments can be rerolled through the 2nd crafting recipe listed below.

The prism can increase up to 3 different enchantments, with either a 1 or 2 level increase for each. Very rarely, multiple instances of the same effect can be present, resulting in an increase of 3 or more. The increase can either affect only existing enchantments, or additionally add the stated levels to tools able to receive them if not already present. Rarely, the increase can affect all existing enchantments.

When crafting or rerolling the prism, there is a 1/400 chance for it to be Pure, which makes the colored part of the prism a pure white. This effect is purely cosmetic and does not affect the prism's stats.


Starlight: 78%

Starlight: 35%

Astral Tome entry

Experimentations with Starlight show that shifting stars seem to react in strange patterns, halting the shifting of their normally chaotic magical energies when exposed to filtered Starlight.

With the emanating power no longer constantly in flux, a more focused benefit may be achieved.

Directing these energies into an Eye of Ender causes them to softly radiate and diffuse outwards a short distance, rather than harshly piercing their surroundings.

While worn, such a prism adds or empowers magical effects applied to the rest of the wearer's equipment.

The exact nature of this empowerment seems random and based entirely on the magical frequency to which the shifting star was locked.

Re-exposing this prism to more filtered Starlight seems to release the frequency lock, and select a new one, with the uncontrollable chaos of the shifting star itself determining the magical results.
Astral Tome