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Respirators are a group of headwear added by Misty World. They allow the player to remain in the mist for a long time. The specific operating time of the respirator depends on the filter inside it. The level of protection (efficiency) depends on the combination of the filter and the impermeability of the respirator itself.

Since version respirators are divided into open and closed respirators.


The respirator is not armored and does not reduce damage. Its main task is to save the player from the negative effects of mist. The respirator can be placed in the helmet slot or the slot above it, which makes it possible to be equipped while wearing another piece of headgear. It loses durability like other pieces of armor.

When the respirator is worn, another cell appears on the right or left of the hotbar (depending on the left hand settings) with the image of the current filter and its pollution status. When the level of pollution rises to a critical value, the cell with the filter flashes red to warn the player that the filter will soon be depleted.

From version onwards, when a closed respirator is worn, players cannot eat food or drink potions, whereas an open respirator allows players to consume food while providing less protection against intoxication compared to closed respirators.

A normal feeding process can be carried out using a Glass Container.


The main parameter affecting the level of protection (effectiveness) of a respirator is its impermeability. The impermeability of an open respirator is lower than a closed respirator's. However, this parameter also depends on the material of the respirator.

The following are the impermeability tables for respirators of various types and materials.

Material Impermeability
Open Close
Leather 85% 90%
Rubber 90% 95%



Version history
alpha_a_01A respirator has been added to the game. are divided into open and closed. Added rubber respirator. Added impermeability and efficiency parameters.