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Resonating Ore

ModDeep Resonance
TypeSolid block

The Resonating Ore is an ore added by Deep Resonance. It spawns in the Overworld below y-level 30 in small veins.

It can be smelted into Resonating Plates, which is used to craft nearly everything in the mod, or processed into Resonating Crystal Liquid using the Smelter.

Deep Resonance Manual entry

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Resonating Ore

Deep under the ground a good miner can occasionally find resonating ore. If you do then this can be your start to a big adventure.

If you melt this ore you get resonating plates which are used as base for many crafting recipes in this mod.

But the main usage for this ore is melting it in the smelter to generate the Resonating Crystal Liquid (RCL).
Deep Resonance Manual