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Resist Sun

Resist sun
Witchery Information

Observations of an Immortal
...his greatest foe, the sun, was ever present, tormenting and instantly deadly to him...
...became his obsession... ...found a way to collect sunlight and burnt himself with it ten times during the night...
Ability type Vampire
Required level 5
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Resist Sun is a passive level 5 Vampiric ability from Witchery. It is passive, so it activates automatically when necessary. Prior to level 5, the Vampire would die instantly when in contact with sunlight. However, after this level is achieved, they will be able to withstand small amounts of sun. As they progress through the levels of vampirism, they will be able to withstand the sun for longer and longer, allowing for a maximum of about 100 seconds of pure sunlight exposure. The player will experience weakness, mining fatigue, and slowness when in the sun, though.

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