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This page is about the Research added by Thaumcraft 6. For other uses, see Research.
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Research is a core mechanic added by Thaumcraft 6. It allows the player to advance in Thaumcraft and create items featured in the Thaumonomicon — any player that does not have the appropriate research learned will not be able to craft or infuse the item even when all the necessary components are gathered.

Required materials

To perform research, the player will need:

Gaining knowledge

There are two knowledge types: observations and theories. They are further separated into knowledge categories, one for each section of the Thaumonomicon. Their only use is unlocking further entries in the Thaumonomicon.

  • Observations are obtained by scanning blocks, items and entities with the Thaumometer. The amount and the categories of gained observations are dependent on the aspect composition of the scanned object.
  • Theories are obtained in the theorycrafting minigame.

Both of these types can be also obtained by using curiosities or collecting experience when wearing the Headband of Curiosity.


Main article: Research Table (Thaumcraft 6)

The theorycrafting minigame is used to obtain theories. It is performed at the Research Table, consuming Paper, ink from Scribing Tools, and inspiration (represented by lightbulb icons). The amount of inspiration available increases with the player's progress in the research tree.

Once a theory is started, two research cards are drawn. Each research card has an inspiration cost and an effect. Some cards require items listed on the bottom of the card to be picked; if the items are marked with a yellow exclamation mark, they will be consumed. Picking a card will apply its effect and allow for the next draw. The effect of most cards is adding research progress in a specific category. A few other common effects are granting extra inspiration at a cost of some research progress, or drawing extra cards in the next round.

Once the player runs out of inspiration, it is refilled, the research is completed and their research progress is added to their knowledge. Every 100% of stored progress in a category grants 1 theory of that category. Only the category with most progress will get the full bonus, all others will get a 33% penalty to the gained knowledge.

Inspiration can be spent before starting a fresh research session to activate nearby research aid blocks. Each activated research aid adds additional cards to the pool; these cards are marked with a glyphed border when drawn. For example, a Bookshelf adds three Study cards (which add progress to one category), two Notation cards (which move progress from one category to another), and one Universal Theory card.


Curiosities are rare items that grant theories and observations when used. They can be also consumed by research cards during theorycrafting to yield a moderate amount of progress. Most curiosities are much more likely to give progress in a specific category.


To unlock items and blocks, their respective entries in the Thaumonomicon must be researched. Each incomplete Thaumonomicon entry has a list of requirements to complete the current stage. Common requirements are:

  • Observations and theories of a specific type (consumed)
  • Various items (consumed)
  • Knowledge of a specific aspect
  • Crafting a specific item
  • Other requirements, like visiting a specific area, getting hit by a certain damage type, etc.

Once all required items, observations and theories are gathered, and all other requirements are satisfied, the research stage can be progressed by clicking on the "Complete" button, usually unlocking new items, recipes, effects, etc. If the research entry is marked with purple clouds, completing it will also grant Warp to the player.

Some research entries are hidden and require a specific item or entity to be scanned, a certain event to happen near the player, etc - for example, the Warp research entry is unlocked and completed when the player gets granted Warp for the first time, and most Thaumcraft mobs have a short entry unlocked when they are scanned.