Repair (Thaumcraft 4)

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This page is about the Repair enchantment from Thaumcraft 4. For other uses, see Repair.
ModThaumcraft 4

Repair is an enchantment added by Thaumcraft 4. When it is applied to a qualified piece of equipment (i.e., some of the equipment added by Thaumcraft 4 (and its addons), it will slowly regenerate durability at the cost of consuming vis stored in wands in the player's inventory.


Instability: Negligible

The infusion recipe shown above is for Rank I and will also consume 6 XP levels. All infusions of this enchantments have an instability of "Moderate." Repair goes up to a maximum of Rank II.

Required aspect quantities and XP levels can be calculated as:

Thaumonomicon entry

This enchantment slowly repairs the durability of items by drawing vis from the aura. The higher the level of the enchantment, the quicker this takes place. This enchantment can only be applied to items made with Thaumcraft, and even then not all of them.