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Remote Thermal Monitor

ModIC2 Nuclear Control
Previous tier
Max EU input32 EU/t
EU use1 EU/t
EU storage600 EU

The Remote Thermal Monitor is a block from IC2 Nuclear Control. It is the remote version of Thermal Monitor, as implied by the name and is used to monitor a nearby Nuclear Reactor's heat levels. It does not require a direct connection to the reactor; instead it requires a Reactor Sensor Location Card or a 5x5 Reactor Sensor Location Card and consumes, by default, 1 Energy Unit per tick (EU/t). Energy consumption can be increased via the remoteThermalMonitorEnergyConsumption configuration parameter. The Remote Thermal Monitor's default energy storage is 600 EU. Energy storage and max packet size can be increased with Energy Storage Upgrades. Power can be supplied via wires or with energy storage items from IndustrialCraft 2 like the RE-Battery.

The signal from the remote sensor can be received from up to 8 blocks in each direction away from the reactor. To increase range, Range Upgrades can be used. As an additional feature, this machine shows a progress bar of reactor heating. When the machine does not have enough power, the indicator shows a dark gray color. It will also indicates if the reactor cannot be found with a bluish-gray color.

The Remote Thermal Monitor can be rotated by shift right-clicking on it with a Wrench.





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