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Reinforced Ender Pearl

ModAdventurer's Amulets
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Charged Ender Pearl
In order to charge the Charged Ender Pearl, you will need to right click 16 times with it in your hand, whilst in the End.

The 'Reinforced Ender Pearl is an item from Adventurer's Amulets. It is used to create the Transposing trinkets and runic blocks.

When crafted, it will not be charged, as indicated by the durability bar and tooltip text stating "Not Charged". In order to charge it, the player must right click with it while they have an Ender Pearl in their inventory. The Ender Pearl will be consumed. 16 Ender Pearls and right clicks are required in order to fully charge a single Reinforced Ender Pearl. It can only be used in crafting recipes once it is fully charged, as indicated by the not visible durability bar and tooltip text stating "Charged".

The book states that the player must be in The End in order to charge it, though this is untrue[1].