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This page is about the Reinforced Chest added by BetterStorage. For other uses, see Reinforced Chest.
Reinforced Chest

TypeSolid block
Previous tier

The Reinforced Chest is a type of block from the BetterStorage mod. It acts as an upgraded storage device from the Vanilla Chest. It can be made out of Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Copper, Tin, Silver, Zinc, or Steel. The color of the chest differs based on the material that is used to create it. Reinforced Chests of the same material can be placed adjacent to one another to form a double chest, just like the Vanilla Chests. However, differently from the Vanilla Chest, Reinforced Large Chests can be placed adjacent to each other, and do not need a block in between them. Single Reinforced Chests have 39 storage slots, while double have 78. Reinforced Chests can be locked.