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This page is about the Refinery from BuildCraft. For other uses, see Refinery.


The Refinery is an advanced machine added by BuildCraft. It converts Oil into Fuel by using Redstone Flux (RF). Fuel provides more energy than oil when used in certain Engines.



The refinery requires at least 40 RF/t to begin processing, though 80 RF/t or greater is optimal. The speed at which the refinery is processing is indicated by two colored pistons on the side. Red is the slowest speed, followed by purple, teal blue, and then green being the fastest speed.

Oil can be pumped in and Fuel can be extracted using Fluid Pipes. Two internal tanks can hold a grand total of 8 buckets of Oil, while the third tank holds four buckets of Fuel. If Water enters the internal tanks it can cause the Refinery to stop functioning.

Biomass from Forestry can also be used in the Refinery to create Ethanol though it is more efficient to use a Still.