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Refined Storage Addons
Current developersraoulvdberge
Version1.16.4: 0.7.2
1.16.3: 0.7.2
1.16.2: 0.7.1
1.16.1: 0.7
1.15.2: 0.6.3
1.15.1: 0.6
1.14.4: 0.5
1.12.2: 0.4.5
1.12.1: 0.2
1.12: 0.2
Supported Minecraft versions1.12-1.16.4

Refined Storage Addons is an addon for Refined Storage by raoulvdberge. It is meant for features that the author feels does not belong in the core Refined Storage mod.

Currently, this mod only introduces a Wireless Crafting Grid.

Wireless Crafting Grid

Wireless Crafting Grid

ModRefined Storage Addons

The Wireless Crafting Grid is a tool added by Refined Storage Addons. It is used to access the digital storage network without requiring access to a Grid or a Crafting Grid. It must be paired with a Wireless Transmitter in order to work.

The Wireless Crafting Grid has an internal storage of 3200 FE and can be recharged in various ways.


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