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Refined Firestone

Tooltip textFilled with energy,
you need only exert
your will on it to
release blistering heat
or if it has been used:
Its energies controlled,
it could be useful
if you could recharge it...
Required modulesMagic

The Refined Firestone is an item from the Railcraft mod. This item is a rechargeable solid fuel, which is charged by being thrown in Lava. It will turn all of the surrounding Lava into Obsidian, and steal the energy from it. This will heat up a Steam Boiler 40x as fast as normal. When this is created it will have no energy stored in it. As well as being a fuel, it also acts as a Flint and Steel, costing energy on each use. It can also cook blocks in place in the world. For example turning Cobblestone into Smooth Stone. Unlike most Firestones, it will not light the world on fire when held.


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