Redstone Wire Connector (Immersive Engineering)

This page is about the Redstone Wire Connector added by Immersive Engineering. For other uses, see Redstone Wire Connector.
Redstone Wire Connector

ModImmersive Engineering

The Redstone Wire Connector is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is used to input and output Redstone power from Redstone Wire Coils.

Right-clicking a Redstone Wire Connector with a Redstone Wire Coil links the first end of the cable. Right-clicking a different Redstone Wire Connector will connect them. A Redstone Wire Coil can only stretch 32 blocks in length, but the Redstone Wire Connector can also act as a relay to connect them.

Unlike Immersive Engineering's normal Wire Connectors, the Redstone Wire Connector has a mode and a channel. It has two modes; input and output. Right-clicking the Redstone Wire Connector with an Engineer's Hammer will toggle between the two modes.

There are 16 channels; one for each Wool color in Minecraft. Shift right-clicking the Redstone Wire Connector with an Engineer's Hammer (or in later versions, an Engineer's Screwdriver) will toggle between the channels. Redstone cannot pass through a Redstone Wire Connector to another Redstone Wire Connector without both sharing the same channel. In the example, the first pair of Redstone Wire Connectors is not activating the Redstone Lamp because the first Redstone Wire Connector is using the black channel and the second is using the white channel. The second pair of Redstone Wire Connectors are both using the white channel, and therefor are activating the Redstone Lamp.

Engineer's Wire Cutters can be used to disconnect wires with a right-click.

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